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Latex and Silicone Teat Care and Caution


Wash Before first use. Wash with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. To sterilize, immerse in boiling water for 2 to 5 minutes (This may cause a harmless color change). Conforms to the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Requirements for Pacifiers 16CFR Part 1511. Keep your teat in an air tight container after cleaning for longer life. Clean regularly after each usage or before storage. A pacifier wipe, or Ultra Palmolive Baby concentrated dish liquid for bottle, toy or also known as Palmolive Clear is recommended for cleaning teat.

Do not clean in dishwasher or sterilizer unit. Do not expose to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. INSPECT AND REPLACE IF PACIFIER SHOWS SIGNS OF WEAR.

All nipples (teats) wear out with normal use. To prevent possible choking hazard, test strength by pulling on bulb portion. Inspect nipples (teats) regularly and replace immediately if any sign of cracks, tears, stickiness, or excessive wear appear.

Teat Education

Orthodontic and Therapeutic Teat

Orthodontic pacifiers are designed to prevent tooth misalignment and orthodontic issues. An orthodontic pacifier features a nipple that is flattened on the bottom and rounded at the top. They are specifically designed to support the shape of an adult’s palate and jaw. During sucking, they flatten in the mouth just like mother’s nipple to provide the most natural sucking action and reduce pressure on the gums and teeth. Orthodontic teats are meant for every day or night usage as recommended by dentists. PacifiersRus recommends regular stem for day usage and long stem for night usage, however both teat lengths can be used for either day or night. Our longer stem teat advantage however allows a better fit for adult size mouths, especially in some baby pacifier guards where the teat sits deeper. Having a longer stem teat also helps pacifier guard to stay in mouth overnight. Our teats are for older teens and adults, except our MLT4. We feature 5 different orthodontic and therapeutic teats in both latex and silicone to choose from: Regular Stem: MLT4 (for school children only and not available for adult guards), Latex: MLT5, Silicone: MST5 and Long Stem: Latex: MLT7, MLR8, and Silicone: MST7.

Please note the Ripple 8 Latex Long Stem Quad Gauge teat (MLR8) is a crossover between an orthodontic and therapeutic teat, many users will find this teat is a great teat because it combines the best of both worlds (Orthodontic and Therapeutic) feel!

Therapeutic only Teat

Therapeutic teats are meant for bondage, puppy play and other fun adult activities. They are not at all orthodontic but are very much still therapeutic. They can be used every day or night. Adults only. PacifiersRus features 2 latex therapeutic teats, the Cherry Pop 6 (CPL6) and our biggest the Olive Teat 6 (OTL6) that can eventually make you drool!

See Comparison Chart for all teats

PacifiersRus vs Competitors

Don’t be fooled by other adult size teats from our competitors. The gauge of a teat is the overall “thickness” of the teat. PacifiersRus Latex and Silicone teat gauges are up to 3.3 times the gauge over our competitors! A thicker teat gauge is better quality, and allows for a longer life of teat. The better inflating and deflating on a teat allows for more therapeutic enjoyment for the user. PacifiersRus pacifier guard lines are modified for the “best” possible inflating and deflating of our Latex and Silicone adult teats.


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